These cheesy sausage noodles are the dish that made me fall in love with one-pot noodles all those years ago. It’s quick, easy, SUPER tasty and because everything is cooked in one pan, there is almost nothing to clean up after dinner. Win. The tasty combination of smoked sausage, spicy diced tomatoes with green chilies and creamy Monterey Jack is simple but irresistible and cooks in about 30 minutes. This is a winner in my book!


This recipe was inspired by an absolutely delicious photo that I saw on Pinterest, namely this spicy sausage noodle from . But of course, I made some changes to adjust the ingredients that I had on hand. I omitted the heavy cream in the original recipe because I thought there would be a lot of fatty goodness between the cheese and the sausage. My Version has become rich, but not so much that you feel super weighed down. I also added fresh spinach because I have a huge bag in my fridge just waiting to be used. In addition, I felt that the recipe needed a little greenery.


Some other vegetable options for this recipe are Paprika or broccoli, both of which are great with smoked sausages. If you want to add peppers, dice them and fry them with the onions at the beginning. If you want to add broccoli, cut it into very small florets and add it with the pasta to allow the broccoli to simmer a little and soften. There are so many different ways to apply this recipe… I’m curious to see what they come up with!


This recipe goes very well with any form of short pasta (bow tie, Penne, Rotini, etc.).). I originally used Campanelle (my favorite noodles in the shape of flowers with ruffles), but this time I couldn’t find any, so I opted for wide egg noodles. A note: if you are using regular pasta (not egg noodles, which are a little softer), you may need a little more broth.


I especially like the Monterey Jack cheese for this recipe because it melts into a super creamy texture that mixes with the Sauce for a super creamy finish… without adding cream. Other cheeses will also taste good, but they probably won’t have the same creamy finish. You can try Cheddar, Mozzarella (Whole milk Mozzarella instead of partial cream) or even a sprinkle of crumbled Feta cheese. And remember that pre-grated cheese does not melt as well as cheese that you shred yourself!

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